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Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Light

To build a permanent shelter over the Shrine of Mary at the Sanctuary.

In December 2019 on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the Shrine of Mary, Mother of the Light was opened by Bishop Patrick Le Gal of Lyon and Bishop Paul Martin of Christchurch. The Shrine features a replica of the Golden Statue of Mary that was placed above the Basilica at Fourvière Lyon, Not only is it a beautiful place for prayer and reflection, but it is also a wonderful place for the large events and Masses held at the Sanctuary.

A large canopy is planned to crown the Shrine so that Masses can be celebrated with some protection from the wind and rain whilst preserving the outdoor character of the shrine and its magnificent view of Mt Grey and the surrounding countryside.

What will it take?

Amount needed to complete


Progress to date...

*Statue of Mary, shrine and altar placed * Temporary Marquee erected

Next steps

New permanent shelter to be erected over shrine and area for pilgrims.

What it looks like:

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