Sr Clare of Assisi

Sr. Clare, what brings you joy in the Beatitudes Community?


“The gift of my vocation and God’s loving Will unfolding in my life bring me joy. It is here that I seek to glorify God by my life in all the little details of everyday life, as well as in the greatest aspirations of my soul. Beauty is an important aspect of our charism, whether it is expressed through art, or music, or in the liturgy, or in the way we live. I could say that God used this aspect of the Beatitudes charism to ‘seduce’ me and show me where he was calling me. I have always been drawn to the mystical tradition of the Church and I fell in love with the charism of the Beatitudes Community when I perceived that both these elements, the mystical life and the way of beauty, were at the very core of its life and spirituality. My heart was won over by the beauty of the Lord and that’s what I want to impart and enable others to experience. “O Lord, I love the beauty of your house, the place where your glory dwells!” (Psalm 26:8)


What is your favourite Beatitude?


“Blessed are the poor in spirit; the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

It is the Beatitude of the one who has taken the path of littleness and trusting abandonment and is ready to receive all things from God’s hand. It is the joy of those who know they are radically poor before God their Creator, and yet the object of his infinite love and mercy.