Sr Gabriela of the Eucharist 

Sr. Gabriela, what brings you joy in the community? 


The most joyful thing for me is searching for union with God. To love Jesus in His Eucharistic presence and to make my whole life into a Eucharist, a sacrifice that becomes Christ, is what my heart is longing for. It is a great joy to belong to Jesus but also to belong to my community, which is my new family. I desire to work for the mission of the Church, the salvation of souls, through whatever I am doing. “How can I help Jesus in His mission?” This question burns in my heart, and with joy and trust I give myself to bring Jesus into the life of others, through prayer, sacrifice, love, hospitality, liturgy…..


Which is your favourite beatitude?


“Blessed is she who believed that what the Lord said to her will be accomplished”.

The Beatitude of faith, or more exactly, the Beatitude of the faith of Mary, is like a guiding light for my life. Pope St John Paul II told us that Mary’s faith is our heritage, and I like to make this heritage my own in asking Mary to give me her faith in the Word of God.