Sr Marie Jeanne

Sr. Marie-Jeanne, what brings you joy in the community?


“My joy is to be in the community life – sharing this gift from God because He is among us… He united us by his love and He gives the strength to live it. It is a powerful sign for me.  It’s not always easy, but through the love of God, through His care and His powerful gaze of love, He’s giving me the strength to give myself to the others, to wake up early, to find Him in the bible and to find Him in the hymns, songs, and readings. In Liturgy He teaches us every day how to live with my own troubles and how to forgive and welcome people … to smile every day. Why do I give my life to God? It is to share with everybody the treasure of His life in me – to try to be joyful every day: to sweep, to cook, to welcome the people, put a joy in every moment, even here – just being here.”


Which is your favourite beatitude? 


“Blessed are the poor” – because I find myself in this sentence. I can say I don’t have intellectual baggage – but I do have some baggage: my pride, my anger, the interior battle. I need to let it go and leave my heart poor – nothing… to empty it all and be poor – to welcome God more and more deeply and to resemble him – and to be with the poor – whether it be in Africa, New Caledonia or even here.