Sr Therese of Jesus

Sr. Therese, what brings you joy in the community?


“My joy in the community? The words from psalm 27 that are part of our profession of vows express well what is my joy: “One thing I ask of the Lord… that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of our life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord, and to seek him in his temple”. I am blessed to be called to this life, to live in His house, in His will.

My joy is also in people. I have a passion for people, a desire to seek the lost sheep – those on the periphery – and to journey with people where they are at. The retreat centre project of the house in New Zealand suits me, as I discovered God in a retreat centre and it changed my life. The way things are set up and the way things are done can help lead someone to God. The very fact of being in a retreat centre setting where there was prayer and spiritual accompaniment was important in enabling me to be open to God’s presence. For me, as a consecrated woman, in this ministry, it’s like being a midwife – a spiritual mother for those who come here.


“Our life is union with God. Our first vocation is to a life of prayer. We anticipate the life of the kingdom to come, through, the beauty of the liturgy, lectio divina, our fraternal life and our apostolic works.”


Which is your favourite beatitude?


“My favourite beatitude is “Blessed are the Merciful; they shall receive mercy.” The more you give the more you receive. Look at Mary Magdalene. She has been forgiven much because she has loved much.”