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"It is always with a little sadness that I leave this place each time I do a retreat - its like leaving heaven and going back to 'purgatory'"


"I have felt the presence of the Lord during my retreat here. My overwhelming experience is one of peace and prompting from God to trust in Him. Thank you so much to the Beatitudes Community for making my stay so comfortable, so welcoming and so healing. I end my retreat with a huge amount of gratitude and a desire to come back again soon!"

"Peaceful - The Holy Spirit is close by - Thank you"

"The hermitage reminded us how busy one's life can get, and that a bit of nature, silence and adoration of God restores one immensely ... Hermitage has made us want to seek a quieter life for ourselves ... perhaps here in Christchurch. Thank you for blessing us with this retreat."

"I am very grateful to the Community of the beatitudes for providing such a clean, warm, well appointed facility where I could spend time with the Lord before my ordination to the priesthood. I am also grateful for the lovely meals and communal prayer times provided by the Community."

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