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Prayer & Liturgy

Our charism brings unique gifts to this task: a thirst for unity, and an openness to our Orthodox and Protestant brethren, as well as to our Jewish forebears; an awareness of the evangelising and contemplative power of beautiful liturgy; and a sense of living eschatological hope in the final victory of Christ.


The Beatitudes Community employs liturgical elements from both the West (the Latin Church) and the East (Byzantine Liturgy) and pilgrims will notice both a sincere reverence with traditional form and a genuine charismatic freedom in their prayer and celebrations. The Community also has a particular calling to pray for the people of Israel and so elements of Jewish culture (Jewish Dancing for example) and the Hebrew language are employed in a Christian way in some prayers and events.

In New Zealand, the Community Liturgies also speak of the journey of the Gospel to Oceania and Aotearoa. Te reo Māori is used in some hymns and prayers as is Latin and French.


Mass Times

Tuesday - Sunday 12pm

Monday 6pm



Tuesday-Saturday 8.30-11.50am

Sunday 10.30-11.50am

(with benediction)

Thursday 7.30-8.30pm

(followed by compline)



Saturday 11am-11.50 or by appointment 



Tuesday-Friday 8am

Saturday 11.30am

Sunday 9.15am

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Liturgy of the hours

Lauds: Tuesday-Saturday 7.30am 

                  Sunday 8am

Vespers: Tuesday - Thursday                                 & Sunday  5.30pm


Compline: Thursday 8.30pm                  (at the end of 7:30pm Adoration)

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Resurrection Vespers

Saturday 5.30pm

followed by Potluck dinner 

Please note The Beatitudes Community and The Sanctuary of Fourviére are closed on Mondays.

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