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Connect with your Sanctuary

While a Sanctuary is not a parish, many individuals and families have come to love the life around the Sanctuary. Many of the friends of the Sanctuary live nearby and others visit occasionally from far and wide.


Friends of the Sanctuary support the life of the Sanctuary in many ways.


PRAYER: You are invited to pray for the work of the Sanctuary, for its apostolate of evangelisation and for the Community of the Beatitudes who in turn will pray for you! Submit your prayer requests here...


PILGRIMAGE:  You are invited to visit the Sanctuary of Fourvière not just for the many special events, but also for times of prayer and recollection, for Mass and Confession and to participate in the Community that surrounds the Sanctuary.


FINANCIAL SUPPORT: The Sanctuary relies on the friendship of ordinary people like you! Your contribution is welcome - no matter how humble. We invite you to set up a regular payment with your bank to support the life of this special apostolate.

SUBSCRIBE: Please also subscribe to our mailing list. You will receive advance notice of our special events and news from time to time. We only send a few emails per month so you won't be inundated with mail. Please add your details below...

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