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We are all called to a mission of evangelisation. In addition to living out a life of prayer and service where they live, the Ecclesial Family of the Beatitudes will often go out on mission to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to people and families where they are.

Inspired by hearing of this, a group of donors recently made a very special mission possible for the Community of the Beatitudes to travel to Auckland to minister to the families and youth of the West Auckland suburb of Te Atatu and the friends of the Auckland Tertiary Chaplaincy.

The Community have also travelled to the West Coast and various schools on mission to the young people there.

Even at home, the Community of the Beatitudes welcomes people of all backgrounds to their apostolate, the Sanctuary of Fourvière in Leithfield for times of rest, formation, and encounter.

To inquire how the Community of the Beatitudes be able to help you in your mission of evangelisation, please email Sr Monica:

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