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Q: Can I bring my animals or pets on retreat?


A: Generally the answer is no. We recommend you get your animals cared  for by someone else so you can come on retreat without them.

Q: Do I have to bring my own sheets or sleeping bag?

A: No. If you are hiring a room in the retreat house or hermitage, clean sheets, pillows, blankets and pillow slips are provided. If you are coming with a large group and wish to sleep marae style, then you will need to bring bed clothes or sleeping bags.

Q: Is breakfast included when I book a room?

A: Yes, food for toast and a continental breakfast including instant coffee and tea are available for retreatants at Fourvière House.

Q: Can I receive visitors while I stay at Fourvière?

A: You can meet with people at the 12 Stars pilgrim shelter which is open to the public. All guests at the retreat house or hermitage need to have booked and registered in the proper way.

Q: Are there sometimes events being held in the retreat house?

A: Sometimes the dining room ot bottom floor of the Retreat House is used for groups or functions. If you are booking for a retreat, please check what functions might be planned during your stay.

Q: Can I buy food at the Sanctuary of Fourvière?

A: Espresso coffee is available at the 12 Stars Pilgrim Shelter and snack food is also sold there (including potato crisps, chocolate bars and instant noodles). A super market is located about 10 minutes drive away in Amberley. Catered retreats can be arranged in advance.

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