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A memorial for the Unborn

To establish a special place of peace, contemplation and prayer - a place of beauty for the burial and remembrance of babies lost to abortion, miscarriage or stillbirth.

The Sanctuary prays for families and for a culture of Life to flourish in New Zealand. Despite this, many mothers grieve the loss of their unborn babies. Sometimes this grief is hidden or carried in shame. The Sanctuary puts itself at the service of mothers and families who have suffered the loss of unborn children. 

There is a small graveyard at the Sanctuary where one of the first Kiwi Brothers of the Beatitudes Community is buried. Alongside him, are also buried several unborn children. We are embarking on developing this area into a memorial for the unborn.

The memorial for the Unborn is a place where families who have lost children can come, give their lost unborn children a burial or memorial, pray and find peace.

We are planning to have a carved statue of  'Mary with the babies' made which will watch over the area.

What will it take?

Amount needed to complete


Progress to date...

A beautiful wooden statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe is being carved. The remains of the JPII memorial have been obtained. Babies are already buried in the area of the memorial.

Next steps

A road and parking area need to be installed. Landscaping and placing of statues. Planting and water installation.

What it looks like:

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